Reiki & Energy Healing
Find the balance in yourself 

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 Our body has an energy field that it is central to its health and proper functioning. This energy travels through the body in specific pathways through our energy centres, located in specific points in our body. These centres can become blocked or weakened  resulting on physical or emotional imbalances.

Reiki and Energy Healing Therapy is a powerful tool to deeply relax your being, improve your general health and bring balance and well-being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Reiki and Energy Healing are non-invasive therapies that channel Universal Life Force energy through the body. These therapies help to bring healing by finding energy imbalances or blockages, identifying the root cause and helping you work through it.


Blockages in our energy points are very common, many blockages are generated by how we manage and release our own emotions.


Babies, children and teens suffer common blockages as they are in the learning process of how to manage and release feelings and emotions.  Adults on the other hand have common blockages from daily life situations, stress or unreleased emotions .   

Reiki and Energy Healing channels energy where it is needed to help you find that balance with in yourself.


We need to balance all parts of our being


Universal Life Force Energy


Balance your life